About us

About us

Tres Aromas began as a challenge to the tequila market. Always keeping in mind that for us there are no limits.
“From the roots to the earth and all the glory”

Our vision

To be the top tequila in the world, recognized for our innovation, flavor and image. Committed to the community, generating jobs, supporting agriculture in the Jalisco region and being self-sustaining.

Our mission

Our focus is to offer a unique tasting experience for those looking to try something new and exciting in the world of tequila by bringing to market a wide variety of top-quality tequilas, each with a unique aroma and flavor.

Our processes



The Jimador is the person in charge of cutting the leaves of the agave to give it the desired figure and form the piña, using a sharp and special tool for the Jima, called Coa.

Earth, Water and Agave

The ‘jimador’ is the person in charge of harvesting the agave in the field, using a sharp tool called the ‘coa’ to cut the leaves just right to get to the ‘piña,’ the heart of the agave.

Agave cocido 2


Some of our tequilas are bottled right after distillation, while others rest or age in French or American oak barrels. All of our tequilas have a subtle and delicious taste, and their sleek design creates a strong presence on any bar top, restaurant, or home.


We carefully select the best agaves from the harvest to ensure the maximum concentration and quality of the agave juice. From the field, the agaves are steamed cooked in masonry ovens and then grinded to extract their juices, which are then fermented and expertly distilled to create our signature tequilas.


We continue to deliver quality tequila for you